How to Sell a Restaurant Guidance:

Selling your restaurant can be a very emotional process. Do you want to sell because it is time to retire, or is it because after 10+ years you are tired of the long, hard hours? You may want to sell a restaurant because you no longer get along with your partner(s). Heavy new competition leading to a decrease in sales might be the motivating factor in selling your restaurant. Being straightforward and honest with a qualified restaurant broker is the best way to begin the selling process. Your lease and the last 2 years of tax returns are documents that you will need to share with a broker. A buyer will be looking for at least 10 years remaining on your lease. If you are unsure about signing a new lease then consult with me right away. There are options that you may not have considered. Cash sales are a natural part of any restaurant. Do not discuss your cash sales with anyone. Reporting all cash sales is the law and the best way to get the highest price for your restaurant.

A Seller Can Expect Us To:

  • Represent you
  • Establish a value of the business, and the real estate, if part of the sale
  • Prepare you for the sales process
  • Read your lease
  • Photograph your restaurant
  • Create a color brochure
  • Use strict confidentiality in marketing your restaurant
  • Expose your restaurant to our exclusive list of buyers and to hundreds of buyers through restaurant business related web sites
  • Meet every interested buyer at your restaurant for a walk through
  • Supervise negotiations to achieve the highest selling price
  • Recommend an attorney experienced in restaurant transactions, if necessary
  • Create a Letter of Intent outlining contract details for the attorneys
  • Inventory and record a detailed equipment list
  • Contact the landlord and their attorney
  • Keep the transaction moving
  • Supervise the walk through before the closing
  • Attend the closing
  • Write a Press Release to the local media

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